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  • Anyone who is starting a business or already has a business running.
  • Anyone who is currently using or considering on using programs such as Quickbooks, ACT, GoldMine, SalesForce, NetSuite, or ConstantContact.
  • Anyone who want to keep their customers and contacts updated about their business or organization.
  • Anyone who needs to quickly create professional looking estimates and/or invoice.
  • Anyone who wants to get the most out of their website without spending lots of time and money in development.
  • What? is an online business management application. With this easy to use tool you can manage many aspects of any business from anywhere. will help you with your contact information, sales, invoices, payments, expenses, purchase orders, marketing, mailing lists, reports, organization, employee accountability, and management of multiple physical locations.
    When? Anytime, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week.
    Where? Anywhere with an internet connection.
    Why? We believe that every business must organize, analyze, and utilize their business data at all times in order to succeed. makes it possible for even a new home based business to maximize its potential.
    How? Very Easy and FREE! No learning curve, no installation of software, no ordering process, and no development time. Pricing for the use of is based on usage. FREE usage is available every month. View our pricing method for more information. You can start here and begin to manage and grow your business in seconds.
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    "Very easy to work with."

    "I can manage my business from anywhere"

    " has made starting my business and making it profitable very easy and fast."

    "Now all my employees can communicate customer's information instantly within the office and from any remote location."

    "I can get daily sales reports from all my locations without having to travel."

    "I save so much time and I am on top of everything all the time, anytime, and from anywhere."

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